My doctors say I have to build up muscle mass as the corresponding test was devastating (below the red lines and I was so proud of myself. lol). I don´t know if I have atrophy already, but I guess so. The thing is.. I can´t do cardio o the gym, and I would like to focus here on my AAI and craniocervical vegetative dysfunction or how they call it. I shouldn´t do strength exercises with my neck, but something I have to do. I like traction and I stretch with Yoga (yes, I know, but I have to.) I also have a Pilates subscription... which I need. Can you please give me a SHORT LIST FOR CCI and NECK INSTABILITY I can do on a daily basis? My PT doesn´t know anything about it. I will ask for craniosacral therapy or therapy for MS ... as I get a regular prescription for PT.

Posted by Deleted (213fc268) at 2023-02-11 19:08:11 UTC