I did some exercises yesterday. With the theraband and my head and some isometric exercises. :-( It was not on this channel, but from a physiotherapist. One video was for rotator cuffs and then I did some ball Pilates. I don´t know why I felt ok like always after exercising and then the day after it hurts always on the right side. In the same spot on the height of C7 (prolapsed). I got other prolapses and this doesn´t happen. I have a blocked rip. Could this be the rip? Or what is thoracic outlet syndrome? How will I know? The same thing is happening to my body forever. (also to my right hip usually... and right side body). Can this be neurological? I have an appointment with an ANS neurologist this week. Is there a test to see why it´s always the right side? I mentioned I have AAI and craniocervical syndrome which is the worst thing for me, but not for common doctors. I know no one can give medical advice, but maybe some general ideas. I have also scoliosis and my should and hips are not aligned or out of balance. Jeannie do you give online appointments or can you tell me where to book an appointment? I live in Germany unfortunately and couldn´t come in for a consultation without having to travel. I could do that sometime if necessary. I want to do proper exercise. :-(

Posted by Deleted (213fc268) at 2023-02-13 02:07:28 UTC