Hi, I’m a #newmember . I’m 47 and all 4 of my children were diagnosed before me after years of being told that there was nothing wrong and it’s fibromyalgia. Things have gotten worse with age. My worst areas are shoulders neck and lower skull, hips, lower back and feet. I had a hysterectomy coming up 5 years ago for fused adenomyosis, I also have endometriosis and lots of adhesions and a rectocele. I also suffer with neurological symptoms and gastric and bladder problems and allergies, along with autonomic issues. Every exercise program I have tried has injured me or made my pain and fatigue worse so I’ve finally taken the plunge after seeing the posts that Jeannie does on Facebook. Really looking forward to getting stuck in and meeting likeminded people.

Posted by Lisa K at 2023-02-13 18:59:36 UTC