I was wondering if anyone in TZC does Wild Water Swimming/Bathing as a form of pain relief? I’ve read a few stories of women with EDS who do it as part of their daily pain management. They say they could not manage without it. My dad does it most days in the warmer months for his chronic pain and says it really helps him. He’s always trying to get me to join him. I used to do a lot of water sports, but I’m not convinced my body would cope with extreme cold at the moment (we live near coast, North Scotland) My internal thermostat is ‘to pot’ at the moment😏Just walking down the chill section at Tesco can trigger off shaking, shivering and muscle spasm! I’m always looking for natural ways to manage my pain as I can’t tolerate pain killers. Would be really interested to hear from anyone who does it or has tried it, and there experience?

Posted by Deleted (8cc3ae43) at 2022-02-02 12:03:53 UTC