Hi Everyone, I have been finding it difficult to keep up with posts as I am still moving around alot. I had to leave my mothers house before Christmas and still have no where permanent to live.. It has been impossible to find anywhere suitable and safe to live with my severe MCAS. I really dont know how my son and I are managing but we are somehow. We decided to give Italy a go again and it didnt work out again as the estate agents were not honest about the house. 3 days later, we are now back in the UK in the same desperate positon drained of energy again and basically out of funds. Every day of this ordeal, I have managed to do the Morning wake up class to keep myself going. I wanted to ask Jeannie a question about what you should and shouldnt do early in the morning. I had to catch an early morning flight to Italy and think I made a mistake doing the wake up class at 330am, then driving for an hour to the airport. My back felt so weak and painful for the next few days. This hasnt happened from class before. Was it stupid doing class so early? Sorry for the long post. Thankyou for any advice.

Posted by rosannavioletta1 at 2023-02-15 14:22:38 UTC