I'm interested in hearing about peoples experiences with #neurodiversity. I watched Inside our autistic minds last night (thanks @ian !) and it was painfully relatable, really fantastic show. I've seen a few posts here about ND and also got hooked on this YouTuber Yo Samdy Sam last week who has autism, ADHD and is hypermobile https://youtu.be/pMx1DnSn-eg so it's been on my mind a lot. For a while I've been self identifying as "neurodiverse". I know I have traits that could be used to "diagnose" autisim or ADHD or both but after a lifetime of being told I can't trust my own perceptions and the most recent mental health diagnosis I have slapped on me being "personality disorder" I just don't want to have another years long fight with the NHS about something that isn't even an illness. I do want to manage my high levels of every day (especially social) anxiety better and just generally take care of myself as best I can and I think NT strategies don't work for me. I have been starting to "unmask" a bit recently and I feel like a fraud or an imposter because I am not seeking professional diagnosis or support. Thoughts? Love.

Posted by Bobby at 2023-02-15 15:40:42 UTC