Can you relate? I just came back from a new PT who’s the local “expert” in #hypermobility *eyeroll*. She has one 15-yr-old who dislocates multiple times daily but “she’s 15 and doesn’t want to listen and doesn’t like to exercise”. Is it the child who’s not listening? Maybe exercise is excruciating? Y’think? I requested #proprioceptive instruction, to the point of asking her to K-tape the target area so I can feel into it. She rubbed her hand willy nilly over a general area while continuing to talk a mile a minute. Super not helpful. I told her I embarked on a year long functional fitness project yet I’m still weak and prone to injury because of instability/wrong muscles firing. I even tested her by exaggerating x-legs when she was intstructing me to SQUEEZE MY GLUTE with every step. None of it registered. Not. A. Bit. I highly recommend testing people out with a bit of subterfuge. I feel so empowered rn lol. Now I’m off to email her a bunch of educational info including Jeannie’s PT page because eek. She won’t be seeing me again.

Posted by Ono Miko at 2023-02-17 21:40:34 UTC