Hello. Question about #teeth … Sometimes I wake up feeling like I’ve knocked or hit just one tooth in my mouth — it’s sore, and sometimes even a tiny bit loose feeling. Have you ever experienced this? I have had dental issues my whole life… constant cavities from grade school, despite doing my best to take care of my teeth, wore #braces for 3 years but teeth keep shifting (my “bite” seems to always be changing), and have random deep #tooth pain with no apparent decay or trauma. My amazing #dentist finally figured out how to thread the needle with pain killer through my jaw to numb the tooth/teeth in my lower jaw. Is this all common for hEDS? Or an indication of another type? Still waiting to see if insurance will cover genetic testing, bcs it’s SO expensive! #dental

Posted by mischascookin at 2023-02-18 09:49:33 UTC