Hi! I was wondering if anyone here has hip dysplasia and got a PAO surgery, specifically on both hips. I am going to be talking to a dr. Friday about this as I have severe hip pain because of my dysplasia and haven’t been able to sit without pain for over 8 months now. I need to get both hips done sometime in the coming months. If you got a PAO did you get both hips or one? Did you get both at the same time? Do you have any advice or tips for me? I’m super nervous and this is consuming my mind making all of my anxiety related symptoms like light headedness, headaches and nausea worse. I am also a undergraduate student and I am planning on taking my classes remotely through all of my surgery/recovery, is this feasible?Anything would be helpful, thank you!

Posted by Deleted (775e0657) at 2023-02-22 01:54:50 UTC