Plantar fasciitis double heel raise Hi, I've suffered from plantar fasciitis before but this time it's come back with a vengeance. I've had it for over 6 weeks with difficulty to walk or stand for too long. One of the exercises that the physio asked me to do last week is a double heel raise with 45 second hold, 12 repetitions and 3 sets of these once a week with 60 seconf rest in between the 3 sets. These are incredibly hard but I'm trying to build up to this. Just wondering if this exercise is OK for hypermobility sufferers because of the 45 second hold. I'm balancing this with Jeanie's classes on hips and lower body to ensure it doesn't put a strain on other parts of the body.

Posted by Urvi at 2023-02-22 08:05:18 UTC