Hi! I got my Anodyne posture shirt (got one with a zip) last week, after it being recommended by people on here. It's great! TLDR: I'm wondering how to use it to help my neck posture when my neck instability causes quite a lot of pain when I have my head in the correct position? I can't wear it for long as it gets so sore, will it still help if I just wear it like 5-10 minutes several times a day? I'm hoping my posture will slowly go towards being correct, if I use it a bit at a time... ---- I have to say I am amazed at how well it works for what it's supposed to do. It's like my body just goes into the right posture as soon as I wear it, without me needing to think about it at all. It's so strange! My partner (no EDS but has some spine issues too) has just ordered himself one as well now after me raving about it. Anyway! I do have a problem, that I'm not entirely sure how to approach. Due to the spine instability I have, whenever I have my head in the correct posture, something slips a bit in the spine, right where the neck connects to the rest of the body (from an external perspective anyway). It feels "wrong" and it hurts quite a lot with a massive crack when it goes back to usual position. This happens mainly when I lie down without a pillow, but also happens with the posture shirt to a slightly lesser extent. It's very uncomfortable and distracting. Obviously it takes time to fix posture, I used to have pretty significant scoliosis, but it's almost non existent now. I still have kyphosis, mainly cervical now, as I have successfully improved it in my lower/mid back just in the last few years, with posture improvements. It's still there, but not at all as bad as it used to be. So I imagine it'll be possible to do this with the neck area as well - but how do I manage it to avoid it getting too unstable or painful? Just wear it for a little bit at a time, and it will maybe just adjust very slowly over months/years? #anodyne #posture #posturesupport #postureshirt #neckinstability

Posted by Ida at 2023-02-22 13:50:48 UTC