Me again with another anatomy puzzle for you. I’m learning thru the feet/gait exercises that my hips, knees, basically my entire body is more of a sloppy mess than I’d realized. Basically I’m very unstable when not locked. (But you assumed that right?). The other bit is that I wake up with QL pain at night on one side. That side also has what I think is some kind of a pinched nerve SI joint situation. The PTs all tell me the OTHER hip is “tilted posteriorly” (which makes that pant leg shorter). So Zebras, what should I try working on? SI stability (both hips working as a unit) or single hip work? I’m stable on 2 feet and nearly not at all when moving in any directlon on one or when pushing off from the toe…or when bending over on one leg...or…you get the picture. Thanks!

Posted by Ono Miko at 2023-02-23 06:07:10 UTC