Pelvic pain? Nerve pain in the pelvis? Post-surgical pelvic pain? Pain with sitting...or anything else that puts pressure on the pelvis? Pelvic floor dysfunction, maybe? Is anyone else interested in discussing this kind of pain? Maybe a sub-group, if that's okay with @Jeannie Di Bon ? I've been living with this kind of life-altering pain for about 16 years. That is nearly my two sons' whole lives. I've managed to keep my marriage going and raise the two boys. I've been able to keep some part-time work after having to leave a full-time career that I'd worked hard to attain years earlier. I'm now 50, my children are grown, and I finally know about EDS! But I still don't have a way to manage this particular kind of pain. Life is kind of passing me by...and I'd like to live some of my life WITHOUT this horrible pain. I'm going to start working with my 5th pelvic pain specialist (physical therapist) soon. If anyone is interested in sharing resources and discussing the difficulties of this particular kind of pain, please message me. Thanks, all. Be well.

Posted by amberbuscemi at 2023-02-26 20:28:48 UTC