Isometric Power question. When doing the leg/hip work and we’re contracting, is it like an actual squeeze where the muscle visibly lifts and moves? Or is it more of a subtle “thinking” about it kind of move? I’m working on building stability and am noticing that I pelvic tuck all the time to stand/walk so I’m working on getting the adductors, glute med, etc to actually wake up when in motion. PTs always yell about squeezing the glute but that’s like asking me to make a fist all day long. It’s just not going to happen. All that is to say that I want to turn on those muscles but not to brace/fix so what’s the way to do those exercises? Thx. EDIT: This applies to the pelvic floor class too — when holding the ball and “moving the skin of the inner thigh” is that a “thinking about” or an actual contraction of those thigh muscles?

Posted by Ono Miko at 2023-02-27 17:40:40 UTC