Slight rib subluxation/ scoliosis—could that be causing my pain when talking and breathing on my back? One of my lower ribs on the left (8-10 rib?) tends to go out of place. I believe it may be attached to my scoliosis which is curved to the right. If I put my hospital bed at 30° or higher it will shift really badly. I think it's always a little bit out of place. When I lay down these left rib(s) poke up past the rib cage. I'm currently on bedrest 10 hours a day and it hurts every time I breathe but only on my left side. This has been going on for 3 years. If I talk too much the latissimus dorsi and sometimes rhomboid muscles on my left will really start to hurt. factors: scoliosis: right near where those ribs attach I have a scoliosis which curves to the right. Is that fixable? I'm thinking about the Schroth physical therapy method. Muscle weakness—I keep thinking it’s a muscle issue because my entire body is weaker than it should be from the bedrest. I also have to use a walker and so that stresses out those muscles sometimes. Digestive issues—sometimes I look like I'm five months pregnant so that abdominal pressure could be pushing on the lower ribs Breathing issues—if my nose gets stuffed from allergies that area will tense up Muscle tension—when I concentrate I will tend to tense that area for some reason What can I do? Is it the muscle or the rib or both? This area started initially going out of place during my third pregnancy—I actually couldn't sleep on my left side for three years until it calmed down. Should I try to fix it or just live with it? Could it get worse if I try to fix it?

Posted by Amanda C at 2023-02-28 23:51:46 UTC