Hi all. I have been asked from time to time what's it's like being a man with HSD/EDS, I must admit I don't no. But what I do know is that males with hypermobilty issues don't get talked about from the medical side, and males we might find it difficult to speak up. I know this is slowly changing. I have linked below a YouTube video from EDS society regarding males with HSD/EDS. On TZC, we do have a Zebra Mens Group. Males are welcome to join. To all the males sitting in the background that are on TZC & those of you who know males with Hypermobility issues, "you are not alone." I will be interested in your thoughts on the video. Please comment below. The videos come with a warning ⚠️ from me. Some may find it triggering. Video is 1hr 30mins https://youtu.be/HZvhvToukB0 #men #males #Hypermobilityinmales

Posted by ian at 2023-03-01 09:00:29 UTC