Just a thought I've had a few times already and decided to share it. In short, I'm a woman in my thirties who's decided together with my partner not to have children due to potential complications that I'm not sure I'd survive considering the state of my health already. I'd love to be able to join another group in the Zebraclub, feel even more like a part of a community but I actually don't fit into any of the subgroups. I'm fairly sure I've seen posts from women in similar position to mine. But in general I've been wondering if it was possible to maybe have a subgroup for all the others that are not parents, pre/menopausal, men or young adults? Probably a question to @Jeannie Di Bon but also to others to see if there would be enough of us? Many thanks!

Posted by olgalipska at 2023-03-01 14:18:24 UTC