My genetics doctor told me about Jeannie. Told me to do her exercises. I hopped on YouTube to find her and learned about this app. I started my free trial on Monday and I’ve done a few classes now. I LOVE it. I’m shocked at how my pain has improved since moving, stretching etc. I’ve had numerous surgeries, so I’ve been bedridden for a while then house-ridden after my surgeries (work from home, move from my desk chair to recliner to bed but no other physical activity). I took time off work to focus on myself. I just cannot believe how the pain in my neck, spine, lower back, legs is all so much better just after a few days of moving and stretching! I was so afraid to MOVE and stretch especially after my cervical fusion and tethered spinal cord surgery. I never did any formalized physical therapy after my surgeries because Covid had everything messed up. I’m no longer afraid of moving! I even downloaded another app (a walking app) and I’ve taken two walks around my neighborhood (doing the classes on this app has given me so much energy)! I used to walk around my house with a cane or walker. I wanted this post to be short, but it’s looking long lol. I mainly just wanted to tell everyone how impressed I am with this app, the classes, the support and I am here to stay! ☺️

Posted by Deleted (e3f2777f) at 2022-02-05 14:20:28 UTC