✅ How do you explain to a doctor that while anxiety and hypermobility affect each other, having a patient work on their anxiety is not going to magically solve the issue? I've been gaslit me many times by doctors that have written me off, and have told me that it's all my anxiety - that it's all in my head. Many doctors have told me that I just need to work on my anxiety, that I am young and healthy. ✅ How would you explain hypermobility spectrum disorder to a doctor? My usually go to phrase, "my joints are unstable and they go above range of motion causing my muscles to work harder and try to stabilize. So I have to work harder than the average person and creates me pain." I am absolutely traumatized by my experience with some doctors. I've changed my primary care doctor a few times. The way my medical insurance works is I can only see doctors within a circle of providers. So, I'm going to change my primary doctor (again). No one within my insurance right now is taking new patients so my husband asked his doctor if he can please take me in. I have an appointment later this month so I am ready for all of the questions I know I'm going to get. My husband already explained to him that I am hypermobile. First thing he asks is if I have anxiety. Then, he mentions to him that I am very young. Anyways, not a good start, but I am willing to give him a chance in our consultation. I need to be ready, and I have my articles ready. Every time I have brought articles to other doctors I never even get to give it to them because they end up making me cry. So, I'm ready to be brief and concise. I want to explain it clearly and precisely in under 5 minutes. Anything more, I know I will lose his interest. I have to consistently be mindful to not be defensive, but it's hard not to be when I have constantly been rejected by doctors and family and friends. 🦓 On a side note, I do have two specialists outside of my insurance network, but I need a primary care doctor within my insurance that's on my side for referrals, etc. You pretty much can't do anything without a primary care doctor here.

Posted by joannacar at 2023-03-02 06:17:26 UTC