I'm trying to help my Zebra adult kid figure out why they are struggling with wiping and bathing. They were in a car accident that we know caused an esophageal stricture. I'm thinking there are muscle issues that could be helped if I had some kind of cheat sheet to help me be able to tell where there impingements are. They are not speaking but will communicate non-verbally. They've had many bad experiences in the medical system so they're not up for going to a physical therapist. I know enough to help them with myofascial and just helping them with bracing etc. But hard for me to tell. The bathing is better than showering which causes hives. I think the issues are a lot in the upper back, shoulder, thoracic area with likely shoulder subluxations. Any pointers, especially any that are EDS specific and a regular PT might not know would be super helpful. Thanks so much!

Posted by karliecole at 2023-03-03 20:39:57 UTC