Hello! My name is Alvaro, I'm 38 and just joined TZC. I am excited and at the same time scared, I have to admit! I am currently in the process of getting the right diagnosis, after many years of living with a range of symptoms, cronic pain and anxiety. I have already been told that I am hypermobile by a physio at the NHS (using the Beighton scale), and a private physio has recommended me to see someone more specialised, as they suspect it could be EDS (sorry if I'm not using the right terminology, everything is quite new to me!). In the meantime, I was recommended TZC to slowly start moving again and to reconnect with my body. I am currently very weak, and in pain most of the time. My joints seem to slip out of place extremely easily, but at the same time I feel I'm always in tension. I used to be a professional musician but I can barely lift the violin for a few hours anymore. I also used to enjoy exercising, but now moving is a scary thing to do. So... I hope having arrived to this place will help! I see lots of content and I'm excited to try things... but I am also aware I need to pace myself slowly. Just today, going through the foundation videos, I felt that my hip went slightly out of place when doing one of the walking exercises for balance. So I'm fighting the strong impulse of fixing it by doing more stuff (a whole life habit of pushing through pain), and I'm trying to just relax, stop thinking and watch a movie with my parntner. It's very nice to meet you all, read your stories and feel that I can relate. Here is to a journey of support, sharing and happy movement! Best, Alvaro

Posted by Geeky Al at 2023-03-05 19:06:46 UTC