Hi everyone! Thanks so much to everyone who’s helped me so far I’m learning so much! Thank you for commenting on my posts. My children are hypermobile one is a suspected ZEBRA. We’ve been doing PT but now I’m really questioning that I’m doing the right thing. All the exercises push your joints hard and are focused on “core strength” and it’s lots of things like plank, push ups, crunches, wheelbarrow racing on a ball, superman on a ball etc. From what I’m learning here I’m worried that something I thought was helping could actually be the wrong thing. 🙈 What do you guys think? Tapping into the wealth of knowledge on here, does this sound right for a 5 year old suspected Zebra and a HM 9 year old. Thanks in advance.

Posted by jessicajarvis1992 at 2023-03-06 15:45:26 UTC