@Jeannie Di Bon have you ever thought of doing a series of super short videos (under 5 minutes) for people who are very deconditioned and/or anxious about getting started with moving and making friends with our bodies again? I know that I’m not alone in feeling very afraid of my body and very easily overwhelmed and even though I know that I don’t have to do a full video or that I don’t have to do every repetition, mentally I find it hard to even start if I see a video that’s 10 or 20 minutes long because it feels so far from where I am at the moment (even with things as “easy” as meditations and breathing) I often find myself wishing there were some super short very gentle videos that focused very safe, low energy actions to help me feel safe and at ease enough in my body to then slowly start to build up to other things. It might sound silly but even a couple of videos that were just one or two minutes of clenching and unclenching the hands or doing 2-3 reps of an exercise followed by 60 seconds of busied breathing would be helpful. (If this already exists somewhere I would love to be directed to it please 🥰)

Posted by emilylswiatek at 2023-03-07 01:12:57 UTC