Hello, sorry I haven’t updated since my seizures started I’ve been super busy since then. The seizures have not gone away. They have become less frequent only happening a couple times a week instead of per day. The doctors still have no idea what’s wrong with me and I am still being tested. Today I saw my cardiologist after wearing a heart monitor for 2 weeks. He said he is not sure if all of my syncope episodes were related to my seizures or if it is pots so he prescribed me Midodrine. Was wondering if anyone had tried that and if it helped. I have started wearing compression socks but they don’t seem to do much. I also would like to know if anyone else experiences the symptoms my seizures cause. Before a seizure starts a big wooshy feeling building up in my head. My head gets super heavy and cloudy feeling and my eyes get really tired. And when a seizure happens my eyes involuntarily roll back and begin to spasm and I lose control of my neck and shoulders. Again doctors are not sure if these are actually seizures but it is the closest word they can use right now.

Posted by isabelrenae0 at 2023-03-07 01:40:29 UTC