#mcas I’m investigating this as a potential cause of recent esophageal complications resulting in dysphagia (esophageal), dehydration and resulting hospitalization. As I dive into literature, I find that it’s quite complex! Has anyone experienced or read about fragrances causing GI symptoms? Or are the symptoms consistent w the route of exposure? I’m asking bc I’ve been sensitive to fragrances for ~20 years and thus avoid them. Typically I get migraines and respiratory sx and I’ve found that antihistamines help but I typically avoid as much as I can. Two weeks ago, I had esophageal issues resulted in difficulty swallowing liquids. I was thinking about what I ate, but I also had a house guest who had a lot of fragrance. I’m now wondering if this was the trigger more so than the glass of wine I’d had few days earlier.

Posted by Gumby Shrink at 2023-03-07 19:54:07 UTC