UPDATE! A few weeks ago I mentioned that I was really missing using more weight, and wanted to start safely weaving in more strenuous workouts. It's working! Disclaimer: I've tried to amp up my workouts many times over the last four years, but TZC must be finally getting my body patternings right. I've also been doing low-key workouts in addition to TZC for some time. If anyone is also wanting to build up to it, here's the method that worked for me this time: - The first week I did careful weighted workouts Mon-Weds-Fri via Abby Pollock (sometimes at half speed), Strength and Connect work Tues and Thurs, then unwinds on the weekends. Bodyweight or 5lb dumbbells for shoulders and a max of 15lb dumbbells for full body movements like squats. - Week two, I added a short abs-specific routine to each weekday, regardless of whether it's a workout or a stabilize day. So now I have unwind over the weekend, and a mix of high and low intensity days. Kept it the same for week three, and onward and upward! Yes I feel sore occasionally and it's AWESOME. I missed the good sore. And as I continue to become more aligned, and more muscles switch on, the heavier workouts are actually effective and I feel the 'burn' in the correct places, or they're actually easier since I'm not straining the wrong muscle groups.

Posted by Deleted (e95d6103) at 2022-02-06 22:09:18 UTC