I am seriously loving this app! I was feeling anxious today, I’m waiting for some big results for my son’s secondary school. I did the movement for anxiety video, ate & drank (with added salt 😉 if your a potsie you’ll know lol) and my Heart rate variability went from low energy to high energy and my stress result had reduced considerably 🎉 - just shows HOW MUCH this video calmed my over active CNS! Eating was much more comfortable too! Hoping this continues I’ll definitely be keeping track to see if there’s a pattern 🤞🤞. I also felt MUCH better afterwards as well. @Jeannie Di Bon I know I’m your new biggest fan lol but thank you again for these! ❤️ If your feeling anxious, or buzzy, fatigued, like you can’t settle, this is a great one to try 💪🏻🦓

Posted by jessicajarvis1992 at 2023-03-09 13:09:26 UTC