Hey friends I saw my primary care doctor today and I told him that I‘m really struggling with my EDS symptoms. His first response was: Why are u in pain, EDS only causes hypermobility. He then proceeded to say that I don’t look like I‘m in a lot of pain so it can’t be that bad. As someone who fears not being taken seriously by doctors, that kinda hurt… I tried to explain my situation to him, and I think it gave him a better understanding. I think he was kinda overwhelmed and didn’t know how to help me. He helped me a little bit with handling pain medication and giving me a medical certificate. (Which I needed, not bc I don‘t like work, but bc I severely risked my patients safety this week due to my state, and I don’t want that!!) Anyway, I kinda felt lonely and more isolated after. I don’t know in what way I can continue my job (nursing) and my symptoms make me feel really unsteady in life. How do u guys cope with situations like this? And for those of you who aren’t able to work at the moment: How do u find peace with that?

Posted by Anina Joy 🦓 at 2023-03-10 17:05:36 UTC