Bit of a rant incoming... so apologies in advance, and please skip this post if you are not in the mood: Today, I had one of "those" experiences. I recently started doing pilates again, in a studio, with equipment. I have made the owner aware of the hypermobility and my current level of fitness. They have their own physios and osteos, and claim to being focused on health, being aware and having many clients that are hypermobile. They have proven themselves right... till now. I have been having lessons with a lovely teacher. Slow paced, asking for feedback, adjusting, really accommodating. Able to enjoy myself in movement again (which is a big one for me). Sadly, said teacher was ill this week, so I booked a class w8th another teacher to keep consistency. The class was advertised as "all levels reformer". Nope. What I found myself in... was in a class with a group of friends that were clearly experienced and had been working together for probably quite a while. The class was not mindless, but was clearly focused on fitness. Once again, I informed the teacher of everything. She said ok, try to follow, we'll be mindful but you'll find this class more "fast paced". I am now back home and think I should have walked out. But I didn't react well to the pressure of the moment. I hope I haven't hurt myself (we'll see when my body cools down). I barely could keep up with the mere awareness of my breath. The more advanced students had to be left to their own devices often, so the teacher could explain things to me. I was constantly encouraged to push further ("you have got more range") when what I was trying is not to go over my limits, and then told that I was a "very good student because, normally, it would have been shambles with a total beginner" but I was able to follow. As I said... my fault for staying. I didn't react well to the pressure, I didn't want to disrupt the flow and my past habit of pushing myself through pain, etc, took over. Still, I think not advertising the class as advanced is on them. The teacher letting me in after I was honest and I informed them of my condition is on them. Deciding that is the beginner who needs to adapt to the advanced and not the other way around (who's more at risk here?) is on them. I am very sad to see this kind of lack of awareness in a place that is supposed to be specialised (and not particularly cheap). Silver lining tho, I am glad I found this community, and see there is a place for us to be safe, painless and work towards health and happiness :). Rant over! Thank you for reading and happy weekend!

Posted by Geeky Al at 2023-03-11 10:38:09 UTC