Just another quick one….. I’ve been a member for a few months now and after jumping in too quickly, went back and have been focusing solely on the mindful and stress and sleep and fatigue classes. I have more recently moved onto some of the pain management classes. I kind of do whatever I fancy on a daily basis but have been trying to do the coat hanger pain, shoulder stability and thoracic mobility a couple of times a week because that’s the area for me that is weakest. I also tried the assymetrical class this week which I enjoyed. I am definitely noticing a difference in my shoulder blade stability especially when swimming. My question is, are the classes designed to gradually move up to the stability, strength, cardio, challenging classes to forget about the rest or do many of you simply stick to the more gentle classes or combine them all depending on what hits you on the day? I’m unsure whether to or when to move up to the stability classes or just carry on as I am. I know it’s a personal preference and depends on individual circumstances and pain but just wondered how the rest of you plan your sessions. Just to add as well @Jeannie Di Bon, The Zebra Club has been a complete life changer for me in the journey to reframe my thoughts around exercise (coming from a fitness instructor background and exercise addiction) and learning to listen to and be kind to my body. So thank you so much 🙏🏻

Posted by sue78 at 2023-03-12 18:06:44 UTC