Let's talk about #dogs ! Our puppy has just been born. We are getting a medium to large dog, and I'm working on planning how to do things to avoid injury. My partner is the "main owner" so he will do the heavy lifting so to speak. I will not be the one holding the dog on the lead, at least until it is properly trained to not pull at all. We are building a big pen outside so we can train/play off lead safely. We'll be using dog training methods by Zak George and focus a lot on learning not to jump up, not pull and train it towards assistance dog type use as much as we can. Also will do classes. Just looking for any advice, tips and success stories 😊 we've had dogs in the house for 20 years and apart from jumping up on me and pulling on the lead, it's thankfully not a problem in terms of my EDS. This is the first time it's "my" dog and not my parents or siblings though!

Posted by Ida at 2023-03-12 18:58:27 UTC