I have been unable to do my usual daily Zoomies classes now for almost 3 weeks. I feel so stupid as I’m usually more up to date with current meds issues. I was prescribed #ciprofloxacin antibiotics for a UTI by a Locum GP, not my usual antibiotics. Four days in I had developed bad ankle and Achilles pain. Talking with a fellow Zoomie she said to see my GP. The GP took swift action and sent out a paramedic as I had developed chest pains. The hospital confirmed these to be Costochondritis. Mainly my sternum. I am still in considerably more pain than usual, a burning flare in parts that don’t usually hurt. I have read that this can last some time. Has this happened to any of you and do you have any suggestions that you used that helped to aid or speed up getting rid of the toxins?

Posted by Gina E at 2023-03-13 04:38:24 UTC