Sorry for posting so often. I'm wondering if anyone has tips for when feeling very feverish? I've been feeling absolute sh** the last 7 days, but seems I don't actually have a fever, just slightly raised temp. I swap between shivers and freezing cold (especially hands/feet) and melting and sweating. My face is also bright red a lot of the time and feels incredibly warm. Right now I've got freezing hands/arms/feet and boiling face/head. It's so uncomfortable. This is not at all normal for me, I usually would feel feverish or have an actual fever for a few hours here and there, never just a week straight. Also feeling exhausted and irritable. GP thinks it's just the chronic illness fever thing that many get, but I don't know. It feels much, much worse right now than it ever has when not actually ill with something.

Posted by Ida at 2023-03-13 19:44:29 UTC