Hello! I just started the free trial and I am here to stay! I got my relieving and validating EDS diagnosis this past January. One of the many things that helped me into diagnosis was unfortunately the fact that my symptoms are shown more and worse these past few months. Although I have lived with all of the symptoms for almost my whole life. What I am struggling the most now is processing the fact that my symptoms are affecting my daily functions. I can’t shake the negative thoughts that it is in my head because I just got the diagnosis now I am living every symptom. My joints are very unstable, uncomfortable, everything hurts, I bleed almost everyday, and many more. I wasn’t this bad. I’m also very anxious to get judged by others that I wasn’t like this before. I am scared they will think I am making this up because now I’m totally different. I used to be very active, strong, athletic, chirpy.. I can’t wait to learn more about managing pain, taking care of my body, and hearing about other people’s experiences from this platform!

Posted by Deleted (02320abc) at 2022-02-07 19:09:09 UTC