What do you do when you're having an #MCAS reaction? Not sure if that's what it is, but I just had to call an early end to my first night out in months because I'm having a really weird reaction. It felt like strange warmth suddenly spread across my chest, starting in my sternum, then i was really shaky, had to go to the loo, dry mouth, feeling like I have an orange in my mouth making it hard to talk (I know that sounds odd but not sure how else to describe it!), yawning, burping, can't focus my brain, putting sentences together is really challenging, flushed face, intense pain in coathanger distribution... I've had reactions like this before but never this bad. Usually just shaky, dry mouth and tired with a desperate need for fresh, cold air. I think it's triggered by oily food and alcohol, usually while in a restaurant so I've always dismissed it as social anxiety. I've taken an antihistamine in case it'll help and hoping it'll put me to sleep! I'm not asking for a diagnosis, but does this sound like MCAS and what do you find helps to feel better in the moment? I did a TZC search, but most of what I read was about avoidance and long term management but I'm struggling to focus my brain so couldn't see if there was anything helpful. It's taken a while and lots of editing to write this! Thank you

Posted by Caroline G at 2023-03-16 22:42:39 UTC