Curious whether anyone has tried the Muldowney Protocol. I just got the book thinking it might improve my success in physical therapy. I was surprised to see that the first exercise is called “abdominal bracing” and instructs you to do a Kegel. Totally antithetical to TZC principles. But he developed the protocol based on what was successful with his EDS patients. I do think it’s interesting that he starts at the pelvis and SIJ and makes sure that is strengthened and aligned and then progresses to strengthening other areas of the body in a systematic way, regardless of which areas are most painful (unless you have a new injury). The idea of consistent work on one area and a gradual progression makes me wonder about whether I should try doing something like this with TZC instead of the haphazard approach I’ve been taking (doing whatever video calls to me on a particular day). Has anyone tried that? I also think it’s interesting that he instructs manual PTs not to release an area that hasn’t yet been strengthened. I’ve been going to a manual PT for a while and it feels like the treatments don’t last, so maybe I should suggest this to him. Thoughts? One thing I DON’T like (and won’t do if I pursue this) is to stop all other exercise. It seems like doing TZC while doing the Muldowney Protocol would help not hurt things. Anyway I’m very interested in hearing insight from anyone familiar with it.

Posted by emily-b at 2023-03-17 14:48:31 UTC