I'm absolutely confident, that the classes and programmes in here are what I need. I have one big issue... My body gets a feeling of irritation and restlessness when I'm doing these very gentle, small-range exercises. It's not a new thing. I get to feel the troubled parts of my body much more, pain level rises, fatigue gets deeper. It's not that the exercises are too hard for me - at all. I've had a life (until 12 years ago) where I've practised neglect of pain extensively - I was told that nothing was wrong with, so I just carrried on and well, it ended really bad. I have this "capability" mentally as well after a troublesome childhood, so it's not easy for me to stay in touch with pain signals from my body. In general I have no big posture issues and untill corona, I was getting really good! Very long walks almost every day and strenghtening my body pretty hard. And then the lock downs hit me. I was in a wheelchair some years back, but thats not necessary anymore - I've come a long, long way, everyone is astunned of my victories, my way of dealing with my self and my body. I'm at a lower level now, more pain, more restrained movement, but not critically. However, I'm still repressing pain (which to some extent seems to have been a good thing in order to get better) and when I do relaxation and these very gentle small-movement exercises, it feels like a flare-up. It's pretty hard on me... I've had a lot of depressions and these feelings hit me again. Hopelessness and sorrow and then I just want to lay on couch watching some odd movie. I wondering if someone has some good advice? Thanks πŸ’œ

Posted by Deleted (0d1b6eee) at 2022-02-08 10:11:46 UTC