Hey has anyone here had there scapula “tied” to their ribs? My ribs still pop out like crazy and I have rib flare but, now my 4th rib on the right for two years has been connected with my scapula due to a tissue graft. There is no reversing this as I have seen many doctors to try and reverse it. My right shoulder is super painful but the worst part is my ribs feel like they are constantly stabbing me. I have done Jeanie’s rib exercises to try and help the ribs sublaxing but it’s still not working. Is it even possible to stop the ribs from shifting now that I had this surgery and the 4th rib can’t move without scapula and vice versa? (Not looking for medical advice just wondering if anyone has dealt with this and has tips for exercise to maybe help)

Posted by Richie G at 2023-03-19 14:37:24 UTC