IV fluid question #IVF #IVFluids For those of you who have used IV fluids to help manage your dysautonomia, have you had any luck or have any advice about finding a way to administer in the home? I have IVF ordered twice weekly as needed, but our infusion center cannot accommodate that so I wind up having to schedule it twice weekly scheduled. Naturally, it falls into regular business hours. The total time that it takes to receive the fluids when accounting for travel, check in etc is actually quite great and I’m realizing it might be getting in the way of my recovery in terms of my cardiovascular and strengthening recovery because often I’m exhausted going in and more exhausted going out just from the activity of getting there and all that goes in that. So it dawned on me that if I could have a way to do these at home on an as needed basis, I could be doing it at times that would allow me to potentially help my recovery by greater engagement in PT/TZC/cardio as well as potentially increase my work hours as I improve (bc the IVF are during business hours).

Posted by Gumby Shrink at 2023-03-19 19:39:12 UTC