Diaphragm/pelvic floor question. In the pelvic floor health video there is a tabletop with arm and opposite leg extended, and in that position I feel a restriction in my ribcage that makes it impossible to release the pelvic floor on the left side. I have some scoliosis and my pelvis is much less stable on that side. I think that I overuse my obliques and diaphragm on that side to stabilize which makes my diaphragm and pelvic floor unable to function normally. I notice the same restriction in sitting and standing - basically in any position besides lying on my back when I can fully relax. It’s like I inhale and the breath gets stuck at my ribcage. The tabletop exercise seems too advanced but it seems important to work on practicing the diaphragm/pelvic floor integration on each side separately. What are some one-sided exercises that I could start with, that would allow me to learn to release this bracing and work up to the tabletop? And are there any cues that might help me achieve more stability on that side so I can let go of my diaphragm and obliques?

Posted by emily-b at 2023-03-22 14:54:22 UTC