Hello! So, I have just finished the started pack... already noticing the benefits! I am so glad I found this place, thank you @Jeannie Di Bon Now, can I ask for advice about the next steps? I have read the intro so I know it's usually either combining different classes (at least one of them for strength and stability) or following one the programs. I tend to do better with programs coz ADHD. I was thinking do Everyday Mobility for a bit more of functional eduction and then go off to work my way up from feet to shoulders with the other programs. As long as I have a structure, I can be very disciplined. Any thoughts for experienced users? What worked for you? I am still very weak, even bed bound some days, and waiting for the referrals to come through for diagnosis and support... so I want to take my time and work slowly but surely. Thanks so much you lovely bunch of zebras! :)

Posted by Geeky Al at 2023-03-23 18:46:47 UTC