#sternocleidomastoid pain I am having trouble knowing how to approach a worsening of my SCM occipital and neck pain. I have always had this pain as a major migraine trigger, but after I was sick for many months latter half of 2022, I became so deconditioned, that it has worsened to the point that I cannot sit at my desk and work even half the time I need to. I have followed and checked ergonomics repeatedly, so I don't think I can improve my workspace anymore on that score. I also have always set timers to get up and relax on my mat after every 50 minutes of desk work. I was in a bad car accident decades ago, and my neck was severely sprained--neck almost broke, said the hospital. The pain hits me in the morning, while I'm sleeping, which cuts my sleep short. It improves after I ice the areas and drink coffee, both of which temporarily kill inflammatory pain. I attended Dr Russek's CI presentation yesterday. If I have CI, it is probably moderate to mild, but I definitely have chronically activating problems with SCM. I have gotten quick significant improvement on my bad shoulders and improvement with my lower back with just gentle relaxation and unwinding classes, but I cannot tolerate neck exercises yet (eg, "coathanger" for even one lift). What can I do to (1) get my desk work done short term, and (2) approach long-term improvement of this SCM pain? Should I consider investing in a brace for a while for some of my work hours. Since resolution of my protracted illness in 2022, the tops of my forearms hurt badly from working at my desk too. I didn't change desk setups, so I'm not sure what is going on except deconditioning, but no amount of reconditioning-by-doing seems to lessen these deskwork-related pains.

Posted by Jenny at 2023-03-23 20:41:45 UTC