Hi, I’m not sure if this is an appropriate use of this section of the app. I apologise if it isn’t but I’m desperate for some help. I woke up Monday morning with what I think was a subluxed rib and spasming rhomboid muscles. I have had issues with the rib area regularly when doing simple tasks like dishes or just standing for too long but the ongoing pain I’ve experienced this week just from waking up from sleeping in bed has been awful. I couldn’t get a gp app and pain clinic can’t see me until April so I turned to nhs 24 and was seen. The doctor said it’s possible it was the rib and that the muscle def been spasming and gave me anti inflammatory meds and diazepam. I told him I feel unwell on strong anti inflammatory meds but said I’d try them as need something to help with the pain. Today I’ve felt so unwell and I can’t take any more of them. Would it be at all likely I’d be given morphine or something along those lines instead if I can’t tolerate anti inflammatories ?

Posted by Siobhan at 2023-03-25 23:18:00 UTC