Right it’s that time of year, I need to transition to trainers as weather warms up (Lincolnshire UK). Most people wear new shoes/boots in, I have found over the last 3 years I have to wear my feet in! So I spend autumn breaking in my feet for boots, then can wear only boots, the same boots, all season. (Yuk - I used to be a shoes obsessive, I’ve converted to coats…. I have a LOT of coats!) Now I need to move to trainers, BUT, since starting TZC my feet have change and last years are soooo uncomfortable. I must have ordered 50 pairs (husband groans as delivery man hoists the packages up drive) I actually find it funny and stressful in equal measure. Any suggestions, shared experiences? I have orthotics. My feet and ankles are very mobile. I can’t take any weight on my feet. My boots are from hotter have the moulded sole and very low ankle boot style. I’m passed caring if they look good I just need to function.

Posted by dafney823 at 2023-03-27 19:34:04 UTC