Hi everyone, May I ask, how do you manage with acute TMD issues? I had an episode 6 weeks ago that took me to A&E and, subsequently, an emergency appointment with a maxfax doctor. They told me that I have TMD but they didn't seem very aware of hypermobility issues. I have been referred to an specialist, but I am waiting and, in the meantime, I am barely coping. Tinnitus roaring in my ears, jaw getting super tight as soon as I spend a bit of time speaking or eating (soft food) and pain that goes up to 9/10 at times. The only thing I have is ice, heat and strong painkillers. Maxfax told me to do exercises to open my jaw, but then my dentist told me I shouldn't do them, and my GP was as confused as me when I asked... I can barely muster the energy to work a few hours and I am basically bed bound the rest of the time. I have already seen the TMD presentation in the resources section, which was super informative, and I do the headache and migraine relief video on TZC quite often. But I am wondering what else I can do on my day to day right now to survive while I wait. If any of you is experienced or has gone through a similar situation and has any useful advice, I would love to hear from you, as I feel quite lost right now :).

Posted by Geeky Al at 2023-03-29 09:46:02 UTC