I got a Fitbit watch with ECG a couple of years ago when I had serious palpitations and was near fainting a few times. Got my stress levels down faster than delivery of the watch, so I never caught any really bad episodes with the ECG, but it provides me with other interesting information. For example Heart Rate Variability (HRV). Values over 50 is supposed to be good for my age, but I am constantly between 15 and 20. Is this a typical hypermobility thing, or is it just me? In Dr Russeks presentation about Cervical instability, I saw a line about "Using your smartphone for heart-rate variability biofeedback. Biofeedback to increase activation of your parasympathetic nervous system can help quiet sensitive nerves and decrease pain." I clicked on the link and went down a rabbit hole of sensors for HRV and apps to use with them. I rarely suffer with pain, but I could really do with some more help to quiet sensitive nerves and activate the parasympathetic side. Has anyone used Inner Balance by HeartMath or anything else similar? Is it helping you? When I searched for #hrv I came across a video link that @mischascookin put up where it is also mentioned (thanks M, very interesting video). Pernilla

Posted by pernillas_post at 2023-03-29 16:07:44 UTC