I'm looking advice on driving. I find that I have to reach and press against the steering wheel in a way that causes my shoulders to roll forward and my neck to flare up. I've tried reminding myself of cues when I notice it, like to let my shoulders rest on my ribcage, and feeling them settle back like I do in lying down w/ the band (i.e. from the shoulder stability video). Those cues are generally really helpful, but that position doesn't work for me while reaching out to the steering wheel. It feels like it'd be possible if the steering wheel were lower and closer to my body but I can't do that because I'd be too close for the airbag/safety requirements. I'm wondering if there's any kind of assistive tech out there that might help w/ this or if anyone has other ideas.

Posted by emily-b at 2023-03-29 18:32:41 UTC