Hi! Anyone else have muscle tension dysphonia? I think combination of neck injury (causing neck muscles to tense up in the wrong areas) and trying to teach myself to sing properly 6 months ago has caused it. Should have got some lessons instead. Did go to GP and he told me to just rest my voice, that there is nothing to do about it... which I did - had no effect at all. I know there are clinics that can help but none in my area. Anyway, now I get pain and tension around my voice box when I speak Norwegian and Dutch and also if singing. I can speak English fine - I place my voice in a different area of my head, and speak at a higher pitch, and then it doesn't tense up. However I can't seem to reliably change it in other languages, and I mostly need my Norwegian voice to work since we live here and I only speak Norwegian to my son. Sometimes it even tenses up just from me touching my throat with my hand. I have a lot of tension issues on the front of my neck with other muscles too. Does anyone know of any good techniques, or good sources, for dealing with this specific issue, that is also EDS safe? I've seen some very odd massage techniques that just don't look safe for when you have a bendy body and neck instability. I already do the straw in water/bubble blowing thing, it did work for a while but now it doesn't seem to work anymore. I just want to be able to have a conversation with my son without hurting my throat :(

Posted by Ida at 2023-03-29 21:06:45 UTC