I posted last week looking for suggestions for preventing shoulder and neck strain while driving. Thanks for the ideas! I ended up trying something recommended by my PT that’s working so well I decided to share it, in case it could help other zebras. He recommended laying a pillow or two below my arms so I’d having something to rest my elbows on. This allows me to rest my shoulders back instead of working hard to stabilize them while steering. What I’m using right now is a sleeping bag in its storage bag, and I’m going to switch it out for something slightly less puffy that doesn’t get in the way of the wheel or airbag. But in the meantime it’s already helping A LOT. I also sit on a wedge pillow to get my pelvis in a good position which has made a big difference for hip, back, and groin pain, and I have a regular bed pillow behind my back so I don’t round my back. I’ve been wearing a soft neck brace when I drive as well. This all makes getting into the car kind of a process but totally worth it.

Posted by emily-b at 2023-04-03 21:14:41 UTC