Question about #CCI: I have watched Dr Russek’s presentation, studied her slides, and read other resources on the topic, and am pretty sure I fit into the “moderately irritable” category. Unfortunately there are no trained therapists anywhere near me, and I am at a loss for where to start on my own with anything specific to neck stabilization or strengthening. I can’t identify any classes in the list specific to that, and am wondering if it’s even a good idea to try, given the risks with doing something wrong. I have a neuro (migraine specialist) follow up next week, and plan to raise the issue, but fear that at best he will try to refer me to a PT locally who isn’t knowledgeable. I’d rather do nothing at this point than risk making myself worse! Does anyone know of isometric exercises for the neck (as Russek mentioned) that can be safely done remotely? Should I even try? I am already addressing posture and work “away from the neck.”

Posted by ClaireS at 2023-04-11 20:25:42 UTC